April 2018 Calendar


April 2
10:00- Southland Baptist Church (MDR)
2:00-Resident Council

April 6
10:00- BINGO (MDR)
2:00-Exercise Group (MDR)

April 10
2:00-Trivia and More
6:00-Broadway Church of Christ

April 14
10:00-Cookie Social (MDR)
2:00- Trivia (AO)

April 18
10:00-Kingdom Hall Bible Study (MDR)
2:00-The Price is Right (AO)

April 22
10:00- First Baptist Church (AO)
2:00- Movies, Games, Cards and More(MDR)

April 27
10:00- BINGO (MDR)
2:00- April Birthday Party (MDR)

April 30
10:00-Art Club (AO)
2:00-Free Hour